f.l.:Erwin Eggers, Petra Roßmann, Francisca van Kessel, Sari Gustafsson, Han Viguurs, Lars Meier,
Marianne Kolpe, Hartman Tietema, Marc Geurts, Jukka Hakala, Wolf Hertz-Kleptow


An important objective of European education policy is to prevent young people finish their education without a high school diploma. According to the strategy "Europe 2020" is the dropout rate be reduced to below 10 %.

In partnership project "ACT VET: Acting against dropouts in Vocational Education" By improving the quality and conditions of vocational education in the various institutions and through the implementation of support strategies for students who are at risk of leaving school, participating institutions will contribute to reduce the dropout rate in Europe.

The target of the project is to develop new methods to increase learning motivation and to create a supportive school environment. The project activities aim to promote the motivation and readiness for lifelong learning among young Europeans.
Through the exchange of experiences from all over Europe new strategies to increase the motivation of students - tailored to the needs of each school - developed.

The project is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission and has a 24-month project period between August 2012 and July 2014.